Book - Plume
Book - Plume

Book - Plume

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Hitch a ride on the Albatross Express and travel the globe with Plume: World Explorer. This exciting new picture book series for little ones celebrates culture, diversity and the natural wonders of our world. 

Plume is not your typical Antarctic penguin. Sporting a bright yellow plume on the top of his head, Plume is bored of black and white, of shuffling around and snoozing on icebergs. He much prefers to cook, read, knit and sky dive. He craves colour, adventure, excitement! He wants to seize the world he’s discovered in the books of his fantastical, glacier library (the largest in the Southern Hemisphere).  

Plume's great hope is to grow the hearts and minds of his penguin friends. Through his travels, children will engage with themes such as friendship, acceptance, understanding and the wellbeing of our planet. Plume is truly a book series for our times.
Product Features: 
  • At a time when world travel is restricted, this series encourages children aged 4 to 7 years old to explore the world through the pages of each book, discovering different cultures and ways of life, understanding the importance of caring for the environment and developing self-confidence by seeking out new adventures and meeting new people.
  • Children will fall in love with Plume, a penguin who is different from all other penguins (due to the yellow plume on the top of his head). He’s also bored by the plain, white world of Antarctica and wants to get out and experience other countries.
  • A beautiful gift featuring Tania’s stunning illustrations and entertaining prose. Each title will sport a different neon colour throughout the pages and on the cover.
  • Now more than ever parents want their children to understand the importance of caring for the environment and this is the perfect package.
  • The second and successive titles in the series will each focus on a particular theme such as festivals around the world or natural environments.
Book - Plume